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  • I can’t queue up or delay posts.

    If I schedule a post to appear say at 1pm. And it’s 12:45 it will say “In 15MIN” and you’d expect at 1pm it would post itself.. well after 1pm passes.. say at 1:30 when I look at the status in Manage “30min from now” is what it says!! and it still says scheduled. I’ve tried scheduling posts on and the same method doesn’t work on my hosted installation. I even tried posting with windows live writer to see if that would perhaps work. same result. blog post never gets posted just keeps counting upwards and never gets published.

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  • I have this problem too, if anyone can help with this I will be grateful.

    I have a similar problem; the counter doesn’t change at all for me, though. If it says “2 hours from now” when I walk away, it will say “2 hours from now” when I come back, no matter whether that’s half an hour, three hours, or six hours later, and the post of course is therefore never published. The only way to set it free is to change the status to “Published” by hand after the time should have been up.

    Thanks Windlotus,

    Was having a problem with a scheduled post. Took your suggestion and manually changed it to publish.

    Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but the problem occurred with the last post of 5 pre-scheduled post.

    Hope they fix this issue.

    I am having this same problem, does anyone have a fix?

    perhaps you all can check the php log to see if there is any reference to wp-cron.php

    Having the same issue.

    Scheduled two posts. One for today and one for tomorrow.

    Today’s never posted. When I checked at 10am (was supposed to post at 7am) it said 3 hours ago, but the status was still unpublished. Had to manually publish.

    I doubt tomorrow’s will be successful now.

    I have the very same issue!

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    This is a known issue with some hosts. There’s a lot of possible reasons for it, most of them have been covered in this forum.

    Look for “wp-cron”.

    Also read this:

    I’m having these issues too. I am on brand spanking new rackspace hosting with 1 webserver and 1 database server and WordPress version 2.5.

    1. I can’t schedule a post for anything under an hour. If I do, it immediately publishes.

    2. For anything scheduled over an hour, it will count down as expected, hit 0, not publish, keep a status of scheduled, then count up. So If it’s 12pm and I schedule something to post at 1 pm. It won’t publish. Then if I checked it at 2pm, It would tell me it will publish in an hour. Then at 3pm it will tell me it will publish in 2 hours. Etc. Etc.

    My client is flipping out because this is a tool they heavily use. I’m stumped.

    Try script here it worked for me

    I am having this same problem and it is here

    I hope if some body can help !! ,


    My scheduled posts weren’t posting, and I spent 5 hours of research and 2 days stressing to try and figure out why. It just so happens to turn out that I was making a simple mistake that I know others have made.

    WordPress Scheduled Posting Problems: Are You Making My Mistake?

    Hopefully this fixes the problem for some of you, please comment and let me know if this helps.

    Daniel Pereira

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