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  • I’m currently running WordPress 2.9.1 and I’m experiencing a strange time zone related issue. I’m on a shared server and the time zone on it is set to PST (I can’t change that). I am located in the EST time zone. The issue is probably best described as this:

    1. In General options I have set my Time Zone to be New York
    2. I schedule a post to be published at 10am the next day expecting this to mean 10am EST
    3. I wake up in the morning at 7am and notice the post was already published
    4. The date/time note at the post says it was published on 10am but it was not
    5. Comments below the post have correct EST dates

    For example, please see this post:

    Dragon Age: End Game Decision

    It says it was posted at 10am today. Then note the first comment – it was posted shortly after 5am. This means the post went at least live 5 hours before it was supposed to.

    This leads me to believe that my WordPress is for some reason not respecting the time zone when it comes to scheduled posts (ie the cron job or whatever publishes a scheduled post thinks that the date is in UST), but applies it correctly when it comes to comments.

    I think that this issue started when I upgraded to 2.9.1 using the automated upgrade feature.

    Any idea how to fix this?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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