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    I think we have a problem, Houston.

    I happened to be watching the ‘top’ of running processes on my VPS and noticed optpng ran when a huge bunch of PHP processes were being spawned, to the point of throwing the website server and mysql offline.

    I’m only presuming here but think it’s the scheduled optimisation process for constantly optimising the theme folder, buddypress and the two additional folders I have configured.

    I’ve disabled this now and will monitor.

    [1] Any reason to optimise the theme every hour?
    [2] Same for Buddypress
    [3] Any way to trigger the additional folders manually (when I want)?

    While I’d like to trigger additional image folders manually, I think it’s far better to have seperate (or definable) time periods to optimise. Every hour is a little hardcore (for me anyway)


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  • Plugin Author nosilver4u


    1. if you have some sort of auto-publishing plugin that generates new content that hasn’t been optimized automatically, you would have to let six hours of visitors load unoptimized images until the next cron if you didn’t do it every hour.
    3. Visit Optimize More under Tools, so that you can manually optimize everything the first time. The idea is that you should always run this manually after adding a significant number of images via a custom folder or whatever the case might be. Then you let the scheduled optimizer pick up the stragglers every hour.

    The scheduled optimizer shouldn’t ever be doing more than a handful of images at a time, since it skips any image that has already been optimized . That’s the other reason we do it every hour, so that we don’t have to optimized many images each time and cause more load than necessary.

    The next version has a much improved search algorithm too, which may actually be what is currently causing more issues on your server as far as load goes. You can download it from the development tab if you want to try it out and see if it makes a difference, but I would definitely run the Optimize More manually to start with.

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Should have also mentioned that if you try the dev version, you need to run the ‘Convert’ process on the Optimize More page the first time, and it won’t be possible to downgrade gracefully back to the stable release since it removes all the stored md5sums and inserts image sizes instead (makes a pretty significant performance difference to check filesize vs. md5).

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