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    I have this plugin setup and the initial import went great. However, it is checking every hour for a new podcast, and then creating a log entry each time. I’ve had the plugin for a couple of weeks and it has over 600 logs under Tools>Scheduled Actions. If I want to delete these logs I’d have to click through 60 pages. I can’t set the number of logs to display per page. I don’t see a way to not keep the logs (I don’t need them!), and I don’t see a way to have it check once per week instead of once per hour. There is also not a “Clear log” button. That’s going to be thousands and thousands of log entries over a period of a year and I don’t want the database to be bogged down by that. Help?

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    Hey @tiff_ida,

    Thanks for using our plugin and for reaching out!
    THe main reason you have 600+ logs is because of the initial import – it breaks down each episode for a different log upon the initial import, but you don’t need to expect 600 new logs every couple of weeks.

    That being said, the Action Scheduler (https://actionscheduler.org/) tool is scalable, can handle millions of logs and shouldn’t slow down your site or DB at all.

    And lastly – completed logs are automatically removed after 30 days! You can shorten that period if you really need, but I honestly don’t think you have to worry about that.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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    Got it, thank you for clearing that up! Good to know. The plugin works flawlessly. I appreciate your response!

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