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    Hi Mark
    I installed your Game Schedule plugin for a customer last year and contacted you for help with a couple of points. I’m so impressed to see that the points raised at the time that resulted in a kind of involuntary feature request are all now in the plugin!

    I’m just looking for a little help since I’ve had no involvement in the project since and they have just asked me to change a couple of things. The customer at the time set up the Schedule IDs for the teams. They now have two new teams to add but looking at the plugin settings, there are no Schedule IDs at listed in the Schedules list! I’m rather confused.

    The plugin is working correctly and the IDs I have written down from last year are being used for the Games when they are posted. Can you tell me which database table the schedule IDs are in so that I can have a look in the database? I just don’t understand what I’m missing.

    Thanks and regards

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  • Hi again,
    I’m actually wondering whether it is possible that the Schedule IDs have been lost in the upgrade process. The countdown timers for the different teams are all set to 1, where they should be 1 through 6. Currently, the countdown timers are all empty of upcoming matches because we are out of season, so when I said it was all working, everywhere else, the schedule ID is set manually in the Game.

    Is this possible?


    Hi again
    I’ve just realised that in searching through the forum before posting, I completely missed this thread which seems to describe exactly my problem.

    This site uses the Games functionality to log and notify teams of the next game, this is displayed on the home page using the Schedule Countdown Timer display which should have a schedule number for each team. We aren’t using the team element of the plugin, but the schedule IDs were set up to correspond to the team names and they are definitely missing now.

    I don’t want to try to re-enter them if the database is going to reject the entry of those ID numbers again. If we had to change the IDs it would mean reassigning all the schedule numbers in the existing games.


    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Hi Rowena,
    Sorry for the delayed response. Life has been a bit hectic with ‘paying work’ lately.

    The schedule ID should not be lost in the upgrade process. I have updated both WordPress and the plugin (frequently) on my dev site and have not lost any IDs.

    I believe the schedule ID will ‘default’ to 1 if none is provided. Hummm … please post the incantation you are using to display the countdown timers. Also have you tried using the CDT widget, just to verify that you get the same behavior.


    Hi Mark
    My apologies for the late reply.
    In the meantime I did re-enter the apparently lost data and all then seemed to work.
    I did not populate the original setup and I cannot be exactly sure what went wrong, I was to some degree working sketchy information. On that basis I feel it would be fairer to mark this as resolved as the problem was inconclusive. When I saw the other thread I mentioned, I wondered if this was a known problem, but since it has not been encountered anywhere else, this may well be something that has been caused by a misunderstanding between me and my customer. I’m sorry to have wasted your time and thank you for taking the time to reply and trying to help.

    Best regards

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