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    The plugin itself won’t do this, but you could try to set this up.

    Note: WordPress is an entirely reactive system. It won’t do anything spontaneously on a schedule. All activity has to be initiated by someone or something accessing a page. Thus it could never be relied on to do something at the same time every day unless there were something accessing a page each day at that time. That being said, there are ways to make this work.

    A couple options here:

    1. On Linux (Unix) systems, it has a thing called “cron” (command is “crontab” for “cron table”) which is used for scheduling things to run. You could use this to schedule to run a shell script every day at a certain time for example. In that script, you could use “wget” or “curl” to access the download link to download the file, then use “mail” to email it out. Your hosting provider may or may not allow you to do this.

    2. Despite my note above, WP has its own notion of “cron” in it that you can use to schedule stuff to be done. Here is an into to WP Cron link. As I understand it, every time someone accesses a page, WP will check to see if it needs to run a scheduled task. If no one accesses your site, then the scheduled task won’t run until someone does (it will run late). But you could use crontab from (1) to schedule a “wget” of some URL at the desired time to just nudge WP to take action.

    There are some plugins that are supposed to help you use WP cron plugins. There is WP Cron Control and WP Control plugins and maybe other. I don’t know enough to recommend any.

    Hi Michael,
    Thankyou very much for your swift and useful reply, it is very helpful 🙂
    Kind regards,

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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