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    Hello! I am kinda newbie, so please be easy on me.

    I wish to make a website that will have multiple themes on it, as In this example:

    Main/Homepage should look like this:

    My photography page shoud look like this:

    The Cooking Recipes page as this:

    And reviews, blog

    Well, 🙂 not really exactly those themes, but you guy’s got the point,
    that every page has to have his own theme or the first page (home) has to have One theme and the other pages has to have a secondary theme.

    The main ideea is that the first page to look funny and the other pages to be more serious / sober.

    What is the best practice to archive this?

    a) Shoud I install in root folder wordpress and apply the homepage theme then make secondary folders such as

    /photo and install another wordpress here
    /cooking recipes and install another wordpress here
    /reviews-blog and install another wordpress here

    I am wondering if this scenario works when I will have to manage wordpress mysql and updates/upgrades/plugins.

    b) Configure/Install WordPress Multisite

    c) To use “a plugin to switch themes, templates, or stylesheets”
    …in this case could you guy’s suggest me a plugin for switching themes when you turn the page?

    d) Is there another solution?

    Thank you in advance for suggestions and reply’s.

    [No bumping. If it’s that urgent, consider hiring someone.]

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  • When we said ‘no bumping’ we meant it. The forums are staffed by volunteers who help on their free time. Guess what? Sometimes we’re busy.

    1. Install Multisite.
    2. Make a site for each site.
    3. Upload the themes to the Multisite network.
    4. Activate per site.
    5. Go have a beer.

    That’s it. You don’t have to do any tricks, because WordPress Multisite is built in to let you switch themes, just like you would on multiple separate installs of WP.

    Thank you! Thank you very much!

    I was very very afraid that nobody will answer me / noticed the post, I will not bump anymore from now on.

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