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  • I’m doing a kind of photoblog with some friends where we post random images of different sizes; each image is an individual post. The posts are stripped of headers and titles and footers, etc, so it’s just images on an otherwise blank page. At the moment the page is just a long string of images, but I’d like to change it, but I’m really awful with webpages.

    I think what I want can be done simply, but maybe not. I just want to set, say, a maximum width for the whole page. And then the images/posts can build up left to right until it fills the page and then the next post will go below, etc…

    I know I could do this with just a simple html file, but we’re going to be adding tons of images, and it’s easier my friends to use the wordpress backend to upload the images…

    Anyhow, hopefully this makes some sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

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  • I think you could easily do it with one of the image manager plugins. You can do a google search and find several.
    With the one I use, whenever you pop an image in a post you can set it to be aligned left, right or center – how large/small- whether thumbnail or actual pic, etc. Lots of possibilities.
    Scroll down to Image Manager 2.0. If this one isn’t to your liking, look for others.

    Also, you might look into integrating Gallery2 into your site. I’ve seen many sites do this and it works and looks great.
    You can read up on it.

    I used a template called Simple T from Taly

    Then customized it for my needs. It works terrific, I can upload images from within wordpress and a quick copy and paste, the template automatically creates archives.

    Requires a couple of plugins, but give it a look.

    These are nice for what they do, but not what I’m looking for. I guess what I’m asking is if individual blog posts can be NEXT to one another up until a certain point when they would be forced beneath…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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