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  • I just started a account. I want the ability to use my own domain which I have not registered yet. I noticed BlueHost has a script for an easy install of wordpress. Should I start a blog on and direct a domain to it or should I have it hosted? I am confused?

    1.) How easy it to then upgrade when new versions of wordpress comes out?

    2.) Are there any companies or serviced that can help in tweaking the look of a them and inserting logos?

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  • There are several options, apopilot.

    1. Through your account => upgrades => domains: you can order a domain for $15 a year and you can set this domain to open your account directly from there.

    2. Using BlueHost or any other host will also work. You may have flexibilities this way where you can install any WordPress themes you want. Through the host’s script, you can use that script to upgrade when new versions come out => or with the current WordPress 2.7, you can upgrade WordPress directly from the WordPress admin interface => there is an upgrade button => you hit it and the upgrade will be done automatically.




    he wants ads. its about the money.

    apop, it takes content to make money from ads. Set up a blog on, forgo the ads (you cannot put ads on blogs), and get content, and get your feet wet.

    In 6 months, after you have done some reading, and you understand the basics of web mastering, then work on the “i need my own site so I can do ads” thing.

    youre wise to be scared – you dont know what you are doing.

    This is not about the money. Trust me I make plenty of it and more than you make. I work in the custom audio video industry and I read hundreds of blogs and I want to create a blog to effectively deliver content to my readers. I also want to integrate a forum. (Sounds like I can not do that). Stephen thanks for your feedback.

    .com is much easier, but you do lose some customization options. I would say to get your feet wet with the .com and enjoy posting.

    of course you can add a forum. There are at least three plugins for that.

    WP is the best blog platform out there right now. Read up on it.

    Hi, apopilit,

    I started looking into using a WordPress blog some 8 months ago. I have since installed several versions, and the experience has been an education. For the last couple of months, I have been learning more about styling the default Kubrick theme so that it has the look and feel I want. I am very glad I have gone through this learning process, though I still have a lot more to learn.

    Take it from me, each WordPress version gets easier to install, use, and manage. In a very short time working within a good hosting service’s control panel, you can create a mySQL database (WordPress will populate the tables), upload wordpress, and, after a few moments more, have a working WordPress blog–and start adding the content you want to provide to your audience. Both the WordPress Docs and Forums can help you do this.

    If you plan to be a serious and long term WordPress user and are not “under the gun” to produce a fully developed blog, get an account with a good hosting service and try installing it yourself.

    Once you have installed WordPress, you can either start with the default Kubrick theme and style it to you satisfaction as you go along or upload and start with one of the many WordPress themes that might be closer to your ideal.

    In any case, don’t be afraid to try it yourself. There is “tons” of information on the Internet describing how to do it. I have found the Docs and Forums at WordPress to be a wonderful source of information and inspiration. Hey, if this senior citizen has learned how to do it, anyone can.

    You can learn about styling and theming as you are using the “out of the box” blog. There is no penalty for learning to do the installation yourself, except for some extra time.

    Well, I guess I’ve said more than my 2-cents worth (maybe a nickel). In my humble opinion, if you’ve got the time and are interested, try the installation yourself, style and theme as you go, and enjoy WordPress all the more.




    This is not about the money. Trust me I make plenty of it and more than you make.

    It was on your 3 things you mentioned in your other post. And frankly, your smugness is really unnecessary.

    You got a realistic answer from someone with a LOT of experience on these forums with want-to-be users of wordpress, poor, rich, and in-between, someone wanting to save you grief — next time, Ill just give you standard “whatever you want to hear”.


    Thank you for your post. I registered my domain with and started my blog. I am looking at the revolution themes as well.


    Thank you for your comments. What did you mean by less customization with .com?

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