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    I’m building a custom gallery with this awesome plugin and it works fine except for pulling scandics (Ää, Öö) from my caption field.

    You can see the problem here:

    Also if I try to include character Åå in the caption field, it clears the whole caption on article update.

    Anything I can do?


    Edit: for clarity, I’m using the most recent version of WP as well as the plugin.

    I have this in my functions.php (Note that those “Liitä” etc are working fine)

    define( 'ATTACHMENTS_DEFAULT_INSTANCE', false );
    function gallery_attachments( $attachments )
      $args = array(
        'Galleria' => 'My Attachments',
        'post_type' => ('post'),
        'filetype' => ('image'),
        'note' => 'Liitä gallerian kuvat tähän!',
        'button_text' => __('Liitä', 'attachments'),
        'modal_text' => __('Liitä', 'attachments'),
        // fields for this instance (array)
        'fields'        => array(
            'name'  => 'caption',                      // unique field name
            'type'  => 'text',                           // registered field type (field available in 3.0: text)
            'label' => __( 'Kuvateksti', 'attachments' ), // label to display
      $attachments->register( 'gallery_attachments', $args ); // unique instance name
    add_action( 'attachments_register', 'gallery_attachments' );

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  • Confirming this. I’m also using latest versions of wp and the plugin.

    Also, can’t use any html tags (like strong or em) anymore, the entities are getting encoded to &lt and &gt.

    By editing the raw custom field value I can get the entities (including scandics) to show correct, but they get messed up if I save the whole page again (== custom field gets updated).

    Plugin Author Jonathan Christopher


    Sorry about the issue! Those entities should be properly handled during saving and retrieval, I will take a look and get a fix posted as soon as I can!

    Plugin Author Jonathan Christopher


    Hi guys, sorry again for the inconvenience, version 3.0.2 resolves this issue and is now available. Thank you for the helpful report!


    Was at work all day and everything is fine and fixed when I get back.

    Keep up that awesome job, good sir.

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