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  • Resolved Ureach


    P3 ver 1.4.1

    My scan results:
    Total Plugins: 31 (currently active)
    Plugin Load Time: 1.090 (sec. per visit)
    Plugin Impact: 311298.5% (of page load time)
    MySQL Queries: 139 (per visit)

    Plugin Impact grows every time I run the Scan.

    Advanced Settings:
    Use my IP address – Checked
    Attempt to disable opcode optimizers – Checked
    Attempt to circumvent browser cache – Checked
    Debug mode – NOT Checked

    Detailed Breakdown:
    Shows only P3 itself as main impact, no other plugin is shown there.
    is there any way to see impact for all plugins?

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  • Plugin Contributor Kurt Payne


    Hi Ureach, I got your request from our support form, too. I’ve e-mailed you back.

    Thank you, very much for your help! It looks like your suggestion is absolutely correct. I’ll leave a copy here in case somebody else experiencing similar issue:

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    I would suggest you try disabling eaccelerator’s code optimizer first. If that doesn’t work, try disabling eaccelerator’s opcode caching, too.

    Normally you want these features, but eaccelerator is messing with PHP’s internal operations in two ways. First, it’s optimizing the opcodes — this means it’s taking the compiled php and rewriting it to be more efficient and remove dead code, etc. before it runs so it runs faster. Second, it’s caching the compiled opcode. Those are both great features for performance, but when you’re trying to see what’s going on below the surface, these features can really make it difficult. Once you’re done, I recommend you turn those features in eaccelerator back on. They’re good for your site, just not while you’re profiling.

    Here’s how to do it on a mod_php site:

    Edit your site’s .htaccess file and add this line of code:
    php_flag eaccelerator.enable 0
    php_flag eaccelerator.optimizer 0

    Once you’re done, just remove those lines from your .htaccess file, or commend them out by putting hash mark (#) in front of both of them.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Kurt Payne
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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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