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  • If you are on Godaddy hosting or any other shared hosting that have files limit per folder dont run this scan.

    This scan will create over 1000 files (to me created over 5000 files in 1 folder)

    Developer please fix that or make it scan less posts, like scan 100 posts, so every day we can scan 100 posts and then every day we will have 100 images or so per folder.

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  • I found solution for this but it is not working and maybe you can help me fix it.
    this plugin sets images in various folders, i use per day folder. BUT when i upload a file from my computer it uploads in /%year%/%monthnum%/%day% but when using reset thumbnail feature it uploads to default: /%year%/%monthnum%/

    Any idea how to force video thumbnail to use custom upload dir settings?

    Temporary fix for all of you who urgently need to fix your website thumbnails but dont want to get warnings from host company.

    Go to wp-includes/function.php

    $subdir = "/$y/$m";

    Change to:

    $d = substr( $time, 8, 2 );
    		$subdir = "/$y/$m/$d";

    This will make your wordpress upload in year/month/day/

    Thank god!

    Plugin Author Sutherland Boswell


    I’d strongly advise against modifying core WordPress files. There’s a plugin that looks like it will create subfolders for each day. Video Thumbnails uses the built in media library which decides what subdirectory to place images in, so any plugin that modifies the media library should also modify where video thumbnails are stored.

    Yea but i reported that this plugin is not working for reset video thumbnail. Dont know the reason why. And yea i agree changing core files is not smart, but my site is hanging out there without thumbnails and i needed to do something. And i m sure many people out there have same problem. Because 90% of the people that use video thumbnail plugin are on shared hosting and that means file limit per folder, and when you hit scan past posts you get many files in 1 folder. If you have some fancy thumbnail site that creates 7 thumbnails per video and let say you have 1000 videos you are 7x over the limit…

    I posted same problem on custom dir topic, check it out what the plugin admin say:

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