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  • Resolved Michael Kastler


    Tried altering various settings in wordfence, consistently get the pink box of fail. Per your documentation and instruction, here is ~20 lines from the logs (note, directories locations I didn’t want to share publically are replaced here by **XX**):

    Wordfence Full Activity Log
    [Aug 05 19:02:41:1501981361.147903:4:info] getMaxExecutionTime() returning config value: 20
    [Aug 05 19:02:41:1501981361.135344:4:info] Got value from wf config maxExecutionTime: 20
    [Aug 05 19:02:41:1501981361.128970:4:info] Calling startScan(true)
    [Aug 05 19:02:41:1501981361.048026:4:info] Entered fork()
    [Aug 05 19:02:41:1501981361.036207:4:info] Forking during indexing: **XX**/
    [Aug 05 19:02:41:1501981361.027778:2:info] 2132 files indexed
    [Aug 05 19:02:40:1501981360.996822:4:info] Skipping unneeded hash: **XX**/
    [Aug 05 19:02:40:1501981360.992521:4:info] Skipping unneeded hash: **XX**/
    [Aug 05 19:02:40:1501981360.984079:4:info] Skipping unneeded hash: **XX**/
    [Aug 05 19:02:40:1501981360.975659:4:info] Skipping unneeded hash: **XX**/
    [Aug 05 19:02:40:1501981360.967886:4:info] Skipping unneeded hash: **XX**/
    [Aug 05 19:02:40:1501981360.963318:4:info] Skipping unneeded hash: **XX**/
    [Aug 05 19:02:40:1501981360.955207:4:info] Skipping unneeded hash: **XX**/
    [Aug 05 19:02:40:1501981360.940648:4:info] Skipping unneeded hash: **XX**/
    [Aug 05 19:02:40:1501981360.911767:4:info] Skipping unneeded hash: **XX**/
    [Aug 05 19:02:40:1501981360.889597:4:info] Skipping unneeded hash: **XX**/
    [Aug 05 19:02:40:1501981360.877130:4:info] Skipping unneeded hash: **XX**/
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  • Hi @mkastler,

    Could you please:

    • Go to the Wordfence Tools page
    • Click the Diagnostics tab
    • Scroll down to the Send Report by Email section
    • Send the report to yann[at]wordfence[dot]com

    Hi @mkastler,

    Thanks for sending the report. However, I couldn’t find anything that seemed out of place in it.

    Could you please try and implement the solution outlined by another user in this post.


    I hope we were successful in helping you resolve your issue with Wordfence! Since we have not heard back from you in the past 2 weeks I will now be marking this support thread as resolved. However, if we still haven’t resolved your issue please reach out to us as we would be more than happy to further assist you!

    Thanks and have a great day!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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