• We made a deal to adjust to plugin. We payed for it and they never deliver. After 2 weeks of improving, nothing was working as it should have. After that, we requested a refund since the plugin was not usable to us and they never replied to us!


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    I forgot to mention, ever since we requested the refund, our website had over 300 blocked ips due to bruteforce attacks.
    Number went down a bit, but we still have 2-3 daily on average. Started to rise after I wrote my comment!

    Plugin Author miniOrange


    Hi there,

    We had replied to you that you will get your money back in few business days. If you haven’t till now, you could have followed up with us on info@miniorange.com instead of posting a 1-star review here.

    No one has the time to do brute force attacks on your site for a review. Please don’t accuse wrongly just on the account that you haven’t received the refund yet. There might have been a delay due to some processing issue.

    We will process your refund as soon as possible.

    miniOrange Team

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    As I have mentioned, I have emailed you more than once on the same email which you are giving now.

    I have not ever received the refund, nor have I received any reply regarding the refund from the time or requesting it until now.

    I don’t believe that there is a processing issue in not replying for several months. A day or two can happen, but after some time, after receiving more emails about it and ignoring it, that justification just won’t do.

    I have emailed you once again and will write here if I don’t receive any reply.

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    So, @cyberlord92

    I have emailed you on the same day when you replied here. I have not received any information regarding the refund.

    Still a processing error?

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    As have I already mentioned,

    after one month, still no refund reply.

    @cyberlord92, any news?

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    After few months, I haven’t received any reply from them nor have I received a refund. As I earlier stated, scam.

    Stay away from not only this product, but from their company as well!


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