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    They advertize fee for using this plugin as 1.5%.

    Instead for the 3 transactions I used this, they took approximately ***10%***!!

    Requests to be sent the outstanding BTC have been ignored for several days now.

    Instead they have twice sent e-mails asking for ID, because they believe our website is involved in selling drugs (even though it is clearly research chemicals, not for human use). Despite our insisting that we would no longer use the service. They probably collect ID for identity theft purposes.

    Nothing to stop these scammers taking all your coins of course, as your customer sends coins to THEIR address first. Stay well clear.

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  • Plugin Author gourl


    GoUrl.io do not tolerate illegal behaviour on our service!

    Illegal activity has been detected on your account and your account was suspended; email notification was sent on your email.

    If you think our decision is wrong, you can appeal. We already sent our appeal procedure on your email address twice (provide website description, latest bitcoin transaction information, identification document, etc) but you wrote to us that will not do appeal.

    For full version of GoUrl Terms & Conditions, please go to:

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    We do not have a problem with the account suspension. You are entitled to do that. We have no interest in appealing.

    The problem is NOT the suspension.

    The problem is that you took a fee of about 10%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you not acknowledge this?


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    @gourl Regardless of the circumstances, please do not post other people’s email in these forums again. That’s something that is taken very seriously here.

    @jvlad If you’re that unhappy (and please refrain from all caps replies) why did you rate this plugin as 5 stars?

    You can update the stars and your review via this link.


    Either way, your dispute is not for these forums. Please take that directly to the plugin author’s site. Reviewing the plugin and your experience is fine but commercial disputes are not for here.

    Thread Starter jvlad


    The star rating was obviously an error, now corrected.

    Surely it is only fair that other users of the plugin are helped to understand what they’re getting into?
    The implied functionality of the plugin is that you will be forwarded Bitcoins minus the advertized fee. However this has not been the case.

    If this is really not an appropriate forum, then surely WP do not allow plugins that con users out of money? And there is a method for bringing such activity to WP’s attention? Thanks.

    Andrew Nevins


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    It sounds like you purchased a plugin or service. WordPress.org only distributes software that is freely available and that’s where we are concerned. WordPress.org doesn’t have any policies on software that is distributed elsewhere.

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