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    Developer replied to my first email asking about price for PRO upgrade, he replied fast:


    The current cost of Pro version is BTC 0.1698
    Purchase address to send payment to: 12fFTMkeu3mcunCtGHtWb7o<HIDDEN>XXX

    If you decide to purchase – send payment to above address, followup with email and I’ll forward you the latest version of Pro plugin.

    But NEVER reply to my emails about RANDOM generated Electrum addresses.


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    Same here… No reply from developer.

    @cvdsanduh are you using Standard or 2-Factor Wallet (TrustedCoin)??

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    @cvdsanduh @ladass @yzord

    Just wondering, what about buying a premium alternative like CryptoWoo? We can get the developer license (unlimited sites) for 99$

    99$/4 = 24,75$ each

    Skype me: psnprimary

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    Hey guys! If you want a working solution that is actively maintained it would be great if you’d support the development of CryptoWoo!

    Use the coupon code “wp” for a 20% discount on the single site licenses for both, the main plugin and the HD wallet add-on.

    @cvdsanduh @ladass @yzord

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    Same thing happened to me but I was able to recover the bitcoins with the help of Lucas Ryan that went to the wrong address generated. Do you still have that wrong wallet ID as well as the TX ID? It should be in your woocommerce admin screen. First have a clean wallet ready and know its correct receiving address. Here is what I did:

    1. In Electrum, under the File menu choose, New/Restore
    2. Choose a new wallet name (I call it wallet recover)
    3. Choose to restore via the TX ID from the wrong transaction. Paste that TX ID.
    4. It will say that this is only a watch wallet. You can’t send or receive bitcoins.
    5. Open the Addresses tab in Electrum.
    6. Find the address where the bitcoin is (it should be in the Receiving tree).
    7. Right click it and click “Private Key”.
    8. it asks for you wallet password. Enter it.
    9. Then it gives you a private key. Copy it.
    10. You then need to sweep that key via the option “Wallet -> Private Keys -> Sweep” menu option. Use that private key from step 9 and paste it.
    11. At the bottom of the same box is a an address box to fill out, put in your CORRECT wallet address, which is the receiving address of another new wallet you have created. (Don’t use this same wallet)

    How come I didn’t get this discount?

    There’s no “restore via the TX ID” option man

    HI nesttle1


    i can vouch for this plugin too. i have used for over a year and for 1000’s of orders with not a single problem outside of a few minor api issues in the earliest versions.

    it sounds like the issues described are related to electrum not the plugin.

    if you suspect a “scam” then run some tests. buy a few of your items and simply check the btc address that is displayed at payment checkout and run this command in electrum command line to see if the address is part of your wallet/MPK that you setup in cryptowoo settings.

    if the address is present in your electrum wallet then the funds are safe, you simply need to get electrum to display the address in your wallet. i can help troubleshoot that part if you provide more details on your problem. its likely a mismatch between the viewed addresses that cryptowoo is using vs the addresses that electrum currently shows in your view.

    worst case scenario, if you have “lost funds”, i can tell you how to just run a simple sweep command of the private key.

    the nice part about this plugin is the fact that no middleman can touch your funds. so a “scam” would be close to impossible unless the developer planted a malware-type virus inside the plugin or something like that. but again, just check the addresses that are getting displayed at checkout and you can easily see whether buyer is asked to pay an address of your electrum wallet or not.

    every other plugin requires a 3rd party touching your btc. so thank god for this plugin. please dont spread mis-information accusing somebody of a scam without being sure. a scam claim should include some proof that somebody stole your funds.

    thanks cryptowoo for this plugin – your seriously god-send for this as id have to use a 3rd party and pay a percentage without you!

    We have the same issue… the BTC are not in our wallet

    Your BTC are not lost, you made the same mistake I did and setup your wallet wrong.

    Here’s a thread on reddit I used to fix it, recover my BTC. You need to create a new wallet that is just Standard, and use that, not multisig.

    MPK addresses not displayed in unlocked wallet from Electrum

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