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  • If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I would have rated it at least 4 stars, maybe 5 for a free plugin.

    It does everything it says it does and I love it. It’s very well written.

    Plugin author has his own Affiliate links built in so it sends to his affiliate code under your API. I had to edit out his links which are in the amazon.php file and replace them with my own.

    Use this with caution and MAKE SURE YOU EDIT OUT HIS LINKS!

    Now that I have done that it works beautifully.

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  • I just downloaded it from this page just to make sure I was flaming an innocent. I’m not. His links start on line 516.

    Plugin Author paulstuttard


    The plugin only uses my affiliate IDs if you don’t put your own in, which I hardly call ‘scamming’.

    It states in the documentation for the plugin:

    Amazon requires that all access to the AWS system contain a valid affiliate tag. If you don’t not have an affiliate account for all locales do not worry. If the setting is empty the plugin will automatically insert a valid one by default. However it is recommended that you enrol in the Amazon Affiliate program for all countries that your site targets.

    If you are not happy with that then please don’t use the plugin.



    Have to agree with the author. If you use an Amazon affiliate plugin, then you intend to make money as an Amazon affiliate, which means you HAVE your own referral code. You know you need to put that plugin in all your links for you to get the credit when a sale is made. That’s explained to you when you sign up with Amazon’s program. You just replace the author’s code with your own. Seen other plugins (like AdSense) do this.

    I agree that the term “scam” isn’t appropriate here, but I would make the suggestion that using a known charity for the default would be a better option. [Advertisement moderated]

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    Juvenall, don’t use WordPress’ forums to promote that, or any organisation.

    Cmon Juvenall, you need to edit your review.
    It’s lame to blast the hard work of a developer with one star and accuse him of scamming when it’s all plain as day there.
    Anyone using this plugin is doing so BECAUSE THEY ARE an Amaazon affiliate. If they can’t figure out to put in their affiliate ID they would be insane.

    You may want to pay a little more attention and read *my* post, emagin2. I didn’t start this topic or review it. I even said calling it a scam wasn’t appropriate.

    @juvenall Arf! Sorry about that.
    Should have directed this at @jaxinvt
    Both start with J and I missed a beat there!

    Plugin Author paulstuttard


    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your support! Unfortunately its impossible to keep everyone happy so bad reviews are part and parcel of plugin development.

    Best thing for me is to not post to this thread anymore, even better I’d be grateful for some other honest feedback to counter the bogus ones.



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