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  • Nova


    I bought Project Huddle before it was acquired by BrainForceStorm.
    When i bought it, what was in my package was Project Huddle AND the 2 addons (PDF and mockups). Last year i decided to not renew my license.
    Any honest developer and simply any developer who follow GPL licensing would allow its users to keep using the productS (including the addons) freely, even if not renewed. with as only downsides as I didn’t renew my license, to not be able download the latest updates and i can’t use support. That part of GPL licensing (along with not locking the usage of what we bought behind a “verify your license” wall).

    To my (bad) surprise, i just realized that
    1) I can’t download anymore ProjectHuddle and its addons (and i’m talking about the previous version up to when my license ended of course, not the new updates).
    2) I can’t USE the plugins and addons i BOUGHT, they are locked behind a “verify your license” wall, and when i enter my license it says it has expired and i can’t use what i PAID FOR anymore. 99% of plugins and themes don’t lock down the use of the what we bought behind license check, and when the 1% do, at least you can still use what you bought, if your license has expired (just no new updates or support of course).
    3) Support was not helping and is now silent they think it’s normal practices.

    Shaddy/thieves practices from Brainstorm Force.
    I won’t ever buy a new product from them (i’ll go for Kadence theme instead of the lifetime Astra +all plugins i was about to buy for BlackFriday).

    No wonder why so many people go for GPL themes and plugins subscriptions services instead of supporting the devs, when we see what type of thing some developers (even renowned) can do.

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    • This topic was modified 2 months, 2 weeks ago by Nova.
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  • Plugin Author Brainstorm Force



    Sorry to hear that you are not happy with the product and the way it is priced. I see there is a little misunderstanding with respect to GPL licensing here.

    GNU General Public License is written to guarantee users four freedoms:

    • The freedom to run the software for any purpose.
    • The freedom to study the source code and change the software for any purpose.
    • The freedom to share the software with others.
    • The freedom to share your own modified versions of the software with others.

    Software that is released with a GPL license is known as free software or open-source software. Here, the word ‘free’ is referring to the four freedoms, not the price of the software.

    Users are asked to pay for the following:

    1. A period of bug fixes and updates.
    2. Fixed-term support, again for a certain period.

    All our products are GPL compliant and the cost one pays is for the updates released and the support offered. I hope that makes things clear.

    Please feel free to get in touch with us through our support center if you have any further questions.

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