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  • Had numerous issues when installing this app and ultimately ended up going with another plug-in to get the functionality I was looking for. However, that’s not where my problems began with this plug-in.

    Even after the plug-in failed to work, I did not request a refund as I took responsibility for not doing enough research before committing to their annual subscription (because the only other option was a lifetime purchase). So I ate the costs and moved on.

    The following year, I see a charge for this plug-in on my PayPal account. Immediately, I reach out to support and kindly explain that I would like to cancel the subscription and requested a refund.

    I’ve never encountered a business owner how refused a refund when it’s requested within hours of the renewal. Obviously, if we were months into the subscription period, it would be a different story. Despite emailing them the moment that the renewal was charged, they never responded. Simply cancelled my subscription (I only know this because I was notified by PayPal) and never issued a refund or even an explanation as to why they wouldn’t refund me.

    Since then, I have tried reaching out 5 different times as well as once through PayPal. Again, they had time to respond to the dispute on PayPal, but not to any of my emails. Not only is it extremely unprofessional to just completely disregard customer’s emails like that, I still cannot believe they are refusing to refund me for an annual subscription that I don’t even have access to.

    At the very least, if they refuse to refund the year subscription, I should have access until the end of the 1-year period.

    Complete scam artists. Do not care about you as a customer, just want to collect that check. Zero customer service and a poorly made plug-in.

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  • Plugin Author Robert Dempsey


    I have had 2 emails from client and answered the one and then she files a complaint with the payee for which I have responded then she decided to write this. WHis is not correct at all because she agreed to when payment our TOS and part of that is there are no refunds unless the plugin does not work and this is a paid product not the free one they get here sop this actuall needs to be removed by the moderator

    Plugin Author Robert Dempsey


    Is talking about the Extension we sell on our site.

    Thread Starter carolinemhess


    I would be happy to provide screenshots of the multiple emails I sent to Robert with no response back. He only just now responded because I left this review.

    I understand it’s not a free product, but when dealing with subscriptions you either:

    1. Cancel the subscription and revoke access (which you did) and issue a refund


    2. Not provide a refund but still allow access for the remainder of the subscription period that was already paid for (which you did not do).

    To charge somebody and revoke access on the date of the renewal with no refund is theft. If I still had access to the product, it would be a different conversation, but I do not.

    Nor do I want access at this point, I just want a refund which is fair. This is how every other subscription based product I’ve ever used has worked. It’s how Apple runs all of their monthly subscriptions.

    Thread Starter carolinemhess


    Again, would be more than happy to provide receipts for everything I am stating: from the lack of response from the company to the record of me cancelling the subscription within hours of the renewal.

    I’m not trying to get access to this product for free. I understand it’s a paid product. But I do not have access to the product any more. It would be the same thing as paying for a TV and never actually receiving the TV while the seller refuses to refund you.

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