• I pay for something i don’t want anymore like i said months ago. You STEAL MY MONEY and you don’t give LICENCE. NOW i ask to refund and you Don’t want.

    Customer, don’t pay anything.

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  • Plugin Contributor Shafaet Alam


    Sorry for all the confusion and hassle, you never disabled/canceled the subscription. However, your renewal fee is refunded :).

    Thread Starter Rlomm


    After i make a dispute with paypal, you finally do something. It’s crazy.

    It’s absolutely disgusting to work like this. I wait 14 days and you don’t do anything. Now i make a dispute on paypal, you finally refund me ? you don’t make a favor, lol . It’s just the law. You steal my money and you don’t give the licence.

    Your customer need to know how you are.

    Now, to remember :
    – i have unsubscribe to renew few months ago on your dashboard.
    – when the renew come, i never want it and you don’t give me licence. The old licence stop at the renew.

    – in GDPR, because i’m an european customer, it’s totally illegal to opt-in a subscription or something else when an european buy something. it’s illegal.
    – in GDPR, when a subscription is done, you need to make a mail to the customer 3 months before the renew to remind the customer.
    – same for the cookies, you are no GDPR compliant.

    i continue ?

    My review don’t change for all you done.

    Plugin Contributor Shafaet Alam


    I’m sorry that you feel that way, but, please do not lie, you never unsubscribed before this renewal, you asked to cancel your subscription after this renewal and we did it immediately. Also, we sent you an email 1 week before the renewal date. And we explained everything in our terms and conditions ( https://www.wpdownloadmanager.com/terms-and-conditions/ ). Your subscription was with your content, probably you don’t even understand how the law works, without your contest, you even won’t be able to purchase it.

    Thread Starter Rlomm


    Now, i lie. You speak like Trump (fake news, lie, media fault). Lol, i’m the only one to have trouble with you ? Just read : 145 reviews with 1 star, 30 with 2 stars : 20% reviews are very bad.

    Just read each review. Every time, customers talk about you : SCAM. STEAL MONEY, ILLEGALY CHARGED. You are the problem, not me.

    I repeat. I have cancel during the year because i discover the subscription in your dashboard. When i pay, i pay for your plugin in pro version. You hide the opt in subscription. The law is simple, it’s illegal. It’s not GDPR compliant. When i buy your plugin, it’s illegal to hide the subscription. Plus, the customer cannot cancel the subscription when it’s in the basket.

    You talk about a mail, Have you any proof that you send mail 1 week before, i don’t see anything in my mailbox or your dashboard. And the law is pretty clear, it’s 3 months before.
    In Europe your term in condition are illegal. Any contract can’t cancel right from customer.

    And why you cancel my previous licence and don’t give me a new one at the renew. It’s only because i stop the renew. Your dashboard understand my query. But you SCAM so much that you STEAL MY MONEY.

    The only thing customer have to know about you, that i ask you refund during 10 days and you make fun of me and you don’t want to refund.
    Sunday, Paypal start the dispute PP-D-97890575 at 11h35 (GMT +1). 11h40 (GMT +1), you refund me. If you are in your right, why you are so quick when Paypal ask more information. You are so confident in your term and condition.

    You are the problem. 20% reviews have 1 star.

    Plugin Contributor Shafaet Alam


    Yes, we have 100,000+ active users and every user who faced any issue came here to give a 1*, it doesn’t matter, we are working hard to make the plugin better every day, and our stats are steady up. So, we don’t care much about these 145 reviews ( most of who came here to give a bad review, even for their own fault ), never did. We care about our product, we are working hard on it and it is going well, that is enough for us.

    Again, you paid using PAYAL, if you canceled the subscription, there was no way PayPal charge you next year, that is a simple truth, everyone knows that.

    You already got your refund, so, I’m not wasting any more time behind you. Stay home, stay safe, and happy new year.

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