• These scanner found 50 different viruses on my site. Doesn’t show you any files or allow you to fix these issues. It wants you to pay for a consultation. Used a different scan, plus the virus scan from my host and found zero issues. I’m saying this is a total scam.

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  • Hello kgbbz10,
    Thanks for the feedback,

    1) Let me quote the answer given to Matteo Raggi in the support thread https://wordpress.org/support/topic/too-much-many-false-positives:

    “We continue development and work continuously to improve the scan results quality, but please notice that …

    “Some of detected files may not contain malicious code.
    Scanner tries to minimize a number of false positives, but sometimes it’s impossible, because same piece of code may be used either in malware or in normal scripts.”


    2) As shown on the screenshot, CWIS Scanner also shows you the file name and refers to a line that is malicious code:


    3) Also we’d like to review your scan results for free. E.g if you wish, it’s possible to send us the files with positives (suspected virus). And if there is no malicious code, we’ll update our white list in the next scanner release (usually every 12-36 hours).

    4) And last but not least, we plan to release a demo website with a CWIS scanner installed, so that you could try it out.

    Best regards,
    CobWeb Security Ltd.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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