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  • Hi

    Simple plugin that works as it should. But there are 2 issues atm:

    1. when page is loaded entire calendar is squeezed to something around 800×600 (maybe even less) and all events are displayed as dots. I have to move/resize the browser e.g. grab the browser with cursor and move few pixels smaller and suddenly FULL nice view of calendar is being displayed

    2. as previous posts – arrows to next months sometimes are missing. randomly left right both none and sometimes they do not load at all

    I think both of those problems might be related to the same issue which is resizing / flexible design.


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  • Plugin Contributor Nick Young



    1. Yes it is intended behavior of the calendar to be responsive like that so that it can work on other screen sizes nicely. To fix you would just want the container around the calendar to be a certain width to avoid the responsive view being shown.

    2. This sometimes is caused if you have no events to be able to page to. Do you have events in the future/past?

    I would recommend going through this also in case there is a conflict somewhere:

    Thread Starter mikehaceman


    Thank for quick reply Nick!

    2. probably it was a glitch or something – so no issues with arrows
    as for number 1 – what I’m thinking is that the “flexible” approach is reversed.

    – At the moment calendar opens in “small” view – which is the one with dots.
    – If i resize the window (i drag it an i will make it smaller) the “big” view – where you can see all events – is being loaded

    Flexible / responsive design should work from bigger to smaller (when the window is small) not from smaller to bigger (when the window is small)? Is there a way to change that? Im happy with any individual patch that i can implement even by myself.

    ps. you have mentioned container – how to do it? and if i place it in “fixed” container e.g. 800x1000px would it mean that the calendar won’t resize anymore and it will stick out if the window is e.g. 1024×1024?


    Plugin Contributor Nick Young


    That is how the calendar works. It should be starting out bigger and then turn into the calendar with the dots as it gets smaller. If the container is bigger and is also flexible on resize then the calendar will flex according to the container size.

    I hope that make sense.

    Thread Starter mikehaceman


    Hi Nick,

    Agree this is how it should work: “It should be starting out bigger and then turn into the calendar with the dots as it gets smaller.”

    Unfortunately this is not the case. It opens in full desktop 100% width size AS DOTTED. Onced i touched the browser and move the screen size even by 1px, suddently the calendar POP as “bigger” version with dots being extended to full description. And if i keep resizing … it goes into DOTTED again at 470px.

    I did not change any css settings. Its just simply activation and using shorcode on a page.


    Plugin Contributor Nick Young


    It sounds like your page is starting out as a small container and then loading the content afterwards to grow to the right size. Sort of like how a lightbox works. Is that possibly what is happening?

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