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  • Does WordPress have any options that help with adjusting image size without compromising image quality? I’m going to be uploading drawings (very simple, nothing complex) to my blog, but really don’t understand how to make them scalable so they don’t get blurry or distorted. I know WordPress let’s me alter the physical dimensions, but I’m not understanding how to work with this feature.

    Any suggestions would be really appreciated. I’m going to be drawing images on my iPad and directly uploading them to my posts.


    Thank you!

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  • By ‘scalable’, I’m assuming you mean bigger and not smaller. The latter can simply be done by choosing the size you want to upload or adjusting the percentage when inserting or editing an image.

    However, scaling up will inevitably lose some quality. Your best bet is if you know you want something larger than what you have, create a larger file (more pixels) in another tool prior to uploading to wp.

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