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[Resolved] Scalablity

  • Can I ask what is the largest working installation in production with this plugin? I am wanting to know how well its scales because I have a very very large amount of listings I need to import.

    Are there any examples of large scale sites using this?

    Will it work with any wordpress theme?

    I am also having a hard time understanding the difference between the versions. Is there a simple place I can look to see comparison?

    I am working on a redo of an older site of mine for this new domain http://ezBuyorSell.com I am in just the intial phase of starting dev with Osclass but really was initially wanting to use WordPress but could not find anything with the right database structure design to handle lots of listings with traffic. WP scales as a blog. But as a listing engine it normally does not unless you have designed the plugin to do such. Can you please inform me.




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  • Plugin Author BeyondPrograms


    Hi @zerro,

    We were starting to think no one would ever ask. Scale-ability is one of the biggest features that sets BePro listings apart from other directory options. Since you are a developer, I will focus on technical aspects

    You are right, wordpress does not scale well if everything is stored in its tables. We see all of the competition using meta values to store content which is 3 joins per value. We store *NOTHING* in meta thats searchable. *EACH* of our addons and the base plugin itself, creates a new table if its storing searchable information. That way, info cost N per set where N is the number of joins (elements). That’s instead of N * X where X is the number of elements. Our database calls were designed to be as efficient as possible.

    For the listings, there is no wordpress loop. That process is intensive, pulling content that has absolutely nothing to do with our operations. Each of our listings are generated by templates. We launch each template iteration in a “for” loop. Checkout bepro_listings_frontend.php. The entire file is either functions called by templates, or functions that start the template process.

    We also do our own database calls to retrieve all records. Please check our database function in the “bepro_get_listings” in bepro_listings_functions line 394. Look at how we retrieve information. You will notice how other functions are allowed to hook into the database request. This means, all of our addons communicate and share information instead of being standalone and initializing multiple database requests. We have not seen this anywhere else, it was engineered by us, and by itself sets us apart from any other competing solution. So our addons scale operations at the rate “N”

    You are 100% correct, when it comes to scaleability, there is no competition for BePro Listings. Look closely at all the major directory solutions on wordpress.org as well as off, and you will notice them slowly changing to imitate our architecture. Thing is, most have to rebuild from scratch to imitate what we have done. We are still waiting for, someone, anyone, to prove us wrong

    Since everything works on templates, BePro Listings can be implemented into any theme. In fact, we constantly have users bringing us their favorite directory design that they bought, and asking us to replace *ALL* directory features with BePro Listings. This is a no brainier, because you cant see the internals of themes until you buy them, while BePro Listings is wide open, allowing testing before you buy a thing. Users quickly find that popular themes usually (not always), have extremely bad code under the skin, preventing customization and expansion.

    Oh, and in terms of amount of listings, we see lots of claims of 100,000+ from the competition. So we wont waste time with silly numbers like that. Obviously with the right server, you can power nonsense.

    Come on over to our website forums and we can discuss more. We work closely with developers adopting our product. We actually provide development hours and work with you when requested.


    Plugin Author BeyondPrograms



    Once you have had a chance to confirm the assertions mentioned in our previous post, please leave a review here on wordpress.org 🙂


    Thanks I have just registered on your other site and awaiting approval.

    I appreciate the very detailed response. While I understand how you have designed the optioned for performance reasons the way you have and do appreciate that.
    Can you look at this link I have provided and tell me that I would not run into the same problems as they did for performance scaling. http://blog.osclass.org/2012/05/11/osclass-vs-classipress-which-platform-should-you-choose-for-your-classifieds-site/

    I do realize servers are important and we are on a monster server platform with easy scaling ability. But as you know if the DB and app is not designed correctly no matter how much horse power we have on the servers it won’t matter and why I am asking a lot of questions here.

    While the traffic for the new site will not start out fast it will over time. Our old site had over 20K unique visitors per day.

    While the new site traffic will not be high initially it will start out with about 1.2M listings and need to grow far beyond that. This is why I ask these questions.



    I am sincerely hoping you can convince me that your product is the way to go. I will gladly stop my development efforts with Osclass if you can. Because I initially wanted WordPress and in fact was going to have to somehow bride Osclass and WP together. It would be so much smoother if it was all WP.


    Plugin Author BeyondPrograms


    Hi @zerro,

    We have activated your account on BeProSoftware.com. We can continue this conversation there.

    Ultimately, BePro Listings comes with an import feature. Why not stress test the plugin before you pay for anything. The plugin is free, the import feature is free, and the data can easily be generated for free. That way there are no guesses, you would know 100% before spending 1 cent, if the plugin on wordpress can handle your needs.


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