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    Short story: Latest WooCommerce Stripe Gateway (3.6.4) is not yet tested with WC 3.7.0 and also not complying with new EU SCA regulations. Please give top priority to both of these since the deadline for supporting SCA is September 14th 2019, after which many credit card payments will be declined without SCA compliance.

    Long story:

    I received an email from Stripe today. Subject: “Action required: update your WooCommerce integration with Stripe to help avoid declined payments”.

    “Starting 14 September, new industry-wide regulation will introduce Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements on many payments in Europe. Payments that don’t use two-factor authentication may be declined by your customers’ banks.

    Our information shows you’re currently using WooCommerce to accept payments with Stripe. WooCommerce has released an update to be ready for SCA. To avoid an increase in declined payments, you’ll need to update to the latest version of WooCommerce before 14 September.”

    I wanted to upgrade my WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin but it seems I already have the latest version (3.6.4). This version was not tested with WC 3.7.0 which also prevents me from upgrading WC as a whole.

    September 14th is coming and I’m concerned about not being able to accept credit cards via Stripe gateway.


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  • JoshPTV


    I’ve been facing these issues too. I am up to date on all other plugins, but didn’t update WooSubscriptions until this week (mid November 2019). Stripe payments began to fail in October, and my sales plummeted by 25% from September to October, and the trend continues for November (to a lesser degree), which is a HUGE pay cut for me. Furthermore, my business is for sale, and the fact it went down by such a large number has essentially destroyed my chance to sell, which is a huge defeat to say the least.

    I had updated Woocommerce, and the stripe payment gateway plugin well before the SCA kicked in, so I’m assuming it is WooSubscriptions. @jennyfef, do you have any updates on how things are going on your side? I’m terrified of this happening as my primary income is from the sales generated on my site, and if this continues I’m in huge trouble.

    My main concern is with previous customers, and they’re subscriptions suddenly being declined as “do_not_honor” by misc. banks, which I’ve determined to be due to SCA regulations. Any updates from those of you experiencing these problems?

    Everything is up to date on my site and the payments are fine now. When you say your payments fell, do you mean people aren’t completing anymore?



    Hi again. Everything appears to be in working order now on our side as well after the WooSubscriptions update. Thanks!

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