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    One of my clients has been using your plugin for some time, but has received notifications from Stripe that they need to upgrade their set-up to ensure SCA compliance.

    While I couldn’t see your plug-in listed on their list of confirmed SCA ready plug-ins ( after checking this page I noticed you mention you are compliant, upgraded the plug-in to 2.0.13, and deselected the Legacy Checkout API.

    I have also advised Stripe that we are using this plug-in via their dashboard, but it seems they haven’t confirmed you are SCA compliant yet, so it is still urging me to use a different option.

    Since upgrading one small payment has gone through, yet while that payment is showing on the Stripe Dashboard, the following message is still visible:

    “None of the 3 latest payments used an SCA-ready product”

    Can you let me know if there are any other settings I need to update to ensure payments are compliant?

    The Stripe dashboard is also asking for a contact email for your plug-in, so they can get in touch and check compliance. What is the best email to give them?

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    The plugin is definitely SCA-complaint. If you’re using any addons for it, you should update those as well. No additional configuration required except of deselecting Legacy Checkout API in plugin settings (which is done as you state).

    Stripe do know we exist as we supply our partner ID with each payment processed by the plugin. Best way to contact us would be via this form

    We will contact Stripe regarding this matter as well.

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    Brilliant. Thanks. Not using any add-ons.

    It’s hard to tell if the system is just taking it’s time to catch up with the payments, or perhaps they weren’t large enough to trigger it, but despite putting two small payments through since upgrading/deselecting legacy, the Stripe dashboard is still showing no SCA compliant payments.

    The client is planning on putting a large payment through tomorrow morning, so hopefully that will confirm that it is working.

    Thanks for the contact form link. I will submit it on the dashboard. Definitely worth getting in touch with them though, as it first glance (without checking the info directly on your plug-in) it seems as though they are suggesting you aren’t, which might urge people away from your plug-in.

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    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to submit the form link to them as contact information for you, as their form requires an email.

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    Lets check your payments log in the Stripe dashboard first.

    Please take a look at the following tutorial.

    See the step 2 in there? What value do you see on your latest transaction (where the legacy API was unchecked with the latest version of our plugin)?

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    Thanks for that @mra13 – Just logged in to the Stripe dashboard to check this, and the three payments are now showing on the main updates page as SCA compliant.

    Also checked the logs as you suggested, and they are in the right format

    Not sure why they took a few days to appear as compliant, as they were immediately visible in the Payments section, but fortunately it all seems to have caught up now.

    There is still a message on the dashboard urging the client to ‘Upgrade to an SCA-ready partner solution’, so you may still want to get in touch with Stripe and ask them to add you to that approved list, but it all seems to be working so I will advise my client they can disregard that prompt.

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