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    We experienced several problems with stripe payments which are related to the new 3D Secure guidelines.

    We had three cases (all customers from Denmark) in which Stripe didn’t enforce 3D Secure but the customer’s bank did. This charge attempt resulted in a decline from the bank that I am able to see in the related payments section of the respective transaction as failed. However, the payment went through once the customer finished the 3D Secure steps.

    Our problem is that the order will still be displayed as pending in woo commerce although it is successful by then on Stripe. I was in contact with the Stripe Support and there is nothing they can do on their side. We already consulted IT specialists and there is nothing we can do on our side as well.

    This problem will become tremendous for everybody with customers in the EU. With the PSD2 enforcements, there will be dozens of cases where Stripe won’t enforce 3DS directly but the customer’s bank will decide to do so. Our only option is to enforce 3DS for EU customers in general which makes the whole purchase process more inconvenient.

    What’s your take on this? I am looking forward to your response.

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    There is an integration issue between several danish banks and stripe because of 3D-Secure. We have several open tickets at stripe and try to exert pressure to fix the issues. Our current overview is: All customers from Danske Bank fails but customers from SDC works fine.

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    By now we also experienced this issue with several Dutch banks as well. We could reproduce this error when 3DS was enforced but it really depends on which bank you are using. F.e. with my German bank (DKB) I had the same issue with 3DS enforcement. And I didn’t even have to go through the 3DS process because the payment was really small!

    If you need more feedback from our side please let me know. I contacted Stripe several times but they were not able to help me.

    Another thing we found out:
    If you check the payment_intent.succeeded event on Stripe it will show “Automatic” as source. For other payments that are not connected to this problem, it shows “API”.

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    Hi @jasdsadd,

    Thanks so much for all the testing you’ve done on this, and this detailed report! We’d definitely like to take a closer look at this. We’d particularly the logs that you’re seeing for payment_intent.succeeded and other webhook events for these charges.

    Could you please contact us at > My Account > Support. You may need to create an account before you can access that page.

    Please include a link to this forum thread in this ticket so we can capture all the details and update this thread as needed.

    We look forward to hearing back from you on this!

    are there any news on this topic?

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    Hey @jlundie,

    I just saw your post and I will instantly contact you via the way you described. We are currently having more and more of these issues not just with Stripe but with PayPal as well.

    @jasdsadd we have the same issue. could you solve this?

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    The WooCommerce Support was really helpful. We didn’t solve the issue yet but we seem to be on a good way. Here are some quotes that might be of interest for you:

    “Hmm, we’d had a few complaints about our Stripe plugin not working correctly with 3DS for specific Danish and other Scandinavian banks. The issue appears to lie with the banks’ 3DS systems and the way they implement 3DS. Stripe has confirmed that the issue lies with the bank as well.”

    “I’ve reached out to our developers to find out if there’s a setting or some other method of changing the payment status to “Completed” rather than “Pending” after a payment fails and the customer subsequently completes 3D-secure authentication with their bank. I can’t give you an exact timeframe for when our developers will get back to us. I’ve placed this ticket on-hold and we’ll notify of any updates.”

    “For now, I recommend backing up your site and updating WooCommerce, WordPress, and the other outdated plugins on your site. There may be bug fixes in those updates that might fix the issue you’re having. Here’s how to update WooCommerce without affecting your live site:

    We will update all our WordPress core and all of our plugins next week to see if this helps. Besides this, we can just wait for more information from WooCommerce Support.

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