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  • The widget reports that the shop is closed, when it is actually during open hours. Checked for errors in the custom messages, they are ok.
    Could it be time offsets with the server?
    Is there a way to manually set a time offset between the server, and the local time of the shop in this plugin?

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    Hi @mksnmks,
    you can set your timezone in the WordPress Settings > General panel. WordPress by default resets the server time to UTC to being able to server multiple sites with different timezones in the same environment.

    I have checked that. It is correctly set to the local time zone.
    Are you saying that since WordPress resets the server time to UTC, that I should also check the server time.

    The server time has been (originally) set, so other scripts, etc are correctly set up. If wordpress is making adjustments to the server, then one would expect that it make the user far more aware of these modifications that it appears to at present.

    Are there other possibilities for this error?


    Plugin Author janizde


    Excuse me, I expressed this incorrectly. WordPress does not change the actual server time it only resets the timezone for it’s own runtime environment to UTC so the time in the server’s OS is never affected. However you should make sure that the server actually has the correct time set up according to it’s timezone. (Which should be the case when in the Settings > General screen the correct time is presented. Or on Ubuntu you can use the date command to check the server’s time.)

    As far as server time and WordPress timezone are correctly set, it should actually work.

    Another thing you could try is to change the timezone to the GMT/TZ Name equivalent. So if your TZ is set to ‘Europe/Berlin’ change it to GMT+02:00 (DST) or vice versa and see if it works then.

    Do you have any Holidays / Irregular Openings / Child Sets set up?

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    Plugin Author janizde


    If you have irregular openings set up, this error might have been fixed with v2.1.1. Please update and check again.



    I can also confirm that when there is a child set, the text says we’re closed, even though it should be open. I remove the child, and it shows up fine.

    There is also the PHP setting for time zone.
    I was going through PHP to do checks before upgrading from 5.6 to version 7.
    I noticed the time zone is set to the country of the hosting provider, rather than the country of the hosted web space customer.

    If the plugin displayed the time that it thinks is the actual time, then the user would be able to know immediately that there is a problem with clocks somewhere on their system.
    The time would be displayed in dashboard/admin, but also may be optionally displayed in the front end view.
    It could also display the amount of time before opening again (fancy option – but useful), or time left before closing.
    The plugin could possibly be set to read the times from various systems on the server, and give the user the option to choose which one to use.
    There could also be an option to check the time independently on an internet time server elsewhere.
    There could be an option to adjust an offset to what ever clock system is used. Have the ability for the user can adjust the offset, so they can match up the displayed time with their actual local time.

    Some of these add functionality, and some can be used to help “work around” problem situations where a diagnosis is not yet conclusive.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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