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  • Firstly, there is a lot of peoples and advertising saying that WordPress installation is easy as 20 minutes of time to do it ? On a local basis yes it is easy, but what’s the point of have a local site, a blog hidden from the internet ?

    So, i tried to installed it in Ubuntu 12.04 then on 12.10, in a matter that i would link one of my domain name to my newly installed WordPress as i did it for many other sites like Drupal, web authentication sites, music streaming sites and so on, always in Linux.

    With WordPress things were not as easy as it was said. I needed to have a CNAME wordpress preceding my domaine name, my site was no longer recognized in /var/www/ directory and in the /usr/share directory it was getting worst.

    May be i’m missing a thing, but on everything i read about having a server running wordpress every explanations were, yes, easy to read and to understand, but in fact WordPress is one of the most complex type of sites that i ever have to installed since one year.

    Is there any clear explanation way to install WordPress as it is told, and as it is supposed to be (i mean easy) to get it based not on a local sites but from the wan side.



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  • Installing WordPress is every bit as easy as advertised.

    WordPress is intended to be installed in a web hosting environment that already meets all of the necessary requirements for it to run. Teaching people how to build, install, configure, secure, and manage their own web server is not part of the package. Nor is it part of the actual WordPress installation process.

    It’s important to be clear in the distinction between managing your own server, and installing WordPress. It sounds like you might benefit form taking some time to seek out more information on the configuration and administration of the Apache2 web server on Ubuntu.

    ..and you might consider NOT installing WordPress on Ubuntu by using;

    “apt-get install wordpress”

    There are many reason why you shouldn’t, but that’s basically what’s causing the issue with /usr/share -vs- /var/www directories.

    Install it properly in /var/www then edit your default or virtual host container in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled

    Yes that’s the old way of doing things. I mean since many years there is no need to use apache’s sites-enabled. Just in your own words, you tells a lot about different issues concerning the internet side of WordPress

    If there’s nothing in the WordPress config and installation making it accessible from the internet, then WordPress is completely and definitively useless.

    In other words if wordpress wouldn’t be accessible from the internet, you would have an “easy to install application” that nobody want.

    From every applications i have (owncloud, drupal, ampache, etc) there is always specific points on their configuration documentation making them the way they used to be : Made for the internet.

    So yes that may not the part of the installation of wordpress but isn’t it the most important part ? In my own opinion, the answer is yes. And by the way, wordpress is not accessible by this site enabled of apache by the way.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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