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[Resolved] saying my password/login is incorrect

  • Please can anyone help me?
    I have just got my wordpress.org up and running on my website…

    I have the welcome page… but I am unable to import my old wordpress.com blog or choose a theme etc… because when I go to admin log in it keeps telling me incorrect login/password..

    I have clicked so many time for a password reset to be sent to my email but nothing..

    When I go to the wordpress support page it is showing me as logged in no problem.

    Thank you for any help you can offer.


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  • You are misunderstanding:

    wordpress.com allows you to host a blog on their servers, etc.

    wordpress.org is a “resource” for those who want to host their own wordpress website.

    You will need to be far more specific about your steps in installing since it seems there is some confusion. What is your domain name?

    When I go to the wordpress support page it is showing me as logged in no problem.

    WordPress.org is completely unrelated to your website.


    I have got wordpress.org uploaded to my site no problem..
    I’m getting the blog “Hello World” page that you get when you first set up a wordpress blog..

    but the login isn’t working…

    I uploaded with autoinstaller.. and from my control area on my site I went to my new blog home page..

    But cannot edit.. due to log in.. I know that .org is self hosting – but a password/login is still needed to update/edit my blog.

    It’s okay I’m in!!

    Must have been a glitch because the same username/password has worked now..

    Sorry, I did not mean to assume you didn’t understand! I think I just read it wrong. hehe.

    Glad your in!!

    BTW – your link is not http://kraftykarensblogspot.co.uk/wordpress, you only need http://kraftykarensblogspot.co.uk/

    Whoa, one more thing, you are still using the theme files from your old .com site?

    You should have installed a fresh theme hosted on “your” server. I think you are eventually going to run into problems with your setup.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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