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  • uaemaxco


    hi, im trying to edit the default theme but not been able to save the changes. i dont know if there is a missing button or there is another way of doing it.

    thanks and sorry i’m new to this :S

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  • moshu


    1. If you are new and try to modify the default… it won’t be easy. Sorry.
    2. The template files have to be writable – if you want to edit them in the online Theme Editor. (Below the text area there is a warning: If this file…) – When you chmod the files an edit button will appear in the right bottom corner.
    3. For major edits and modifications I’d suggest to work offline in a text editor.



    in your Admin, go to Presentation, then select your theme (even though it’s the default, I think it makes a copy of the default that has the name of your site as the Theme Name). Once it is selected, go Presentation > Theme Editor. Open files there like Main Template; Styles (your CSS); and Sidebar. Make changes to the code text, and press the Update button to save it.

    Or you can modify the files on your home computer and FTP them to your site.



    If you see something similar to the following line at the bottom of the page: “If this file was writeable you could save it”, then you’ll need to change the permissions on the file in order to edit it through wp.



    thanks man, yeah “If this file was writable you could edit it.” appears at the bottom, how can i change the permission ?

    thanks again



    Does your host provide cPanel, Plesk, or vDesk? If so, go to File Manager, navigate to the wp installation, then to the theme folder, and in the theme folder, click on the individual files (index.php, header.php etc.) one at a time. When you click on a file, in the right top corner (usually) will be a list of actions you can take with the file. One of the actions will be ‘change permissions’. Click on that. You want the permissions to be set at 666 or rw-rw-rw I believe…. Do each file you need for the theme.

    But yes, editing the default theme isn’t real simple. For one thing, all of the “colors” in the theme are graphics….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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