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  • Looking advice from gurus and geeks alike….

    I recently was able to upload my excel spreadsheets to my wordpress site by saving it as a web page via excel. I then put the spreadsheet as a “link” in my post sections. When viewing the spreadsheet on the web, it appears that I pretty much have all the functionality that I need, asides from being able to save the data. Rather than publishing my spreadsheets by means of copy and paste html, I published it as a “media” which involves the user having “Microsoft Web Contents”, IE, and accepting “ActiveX” features. Not too sure if this is the best way to do this or not? Open to any other suggestions though.

    I am looking to save any and/or all input of data performed by front-end users in real time and/or have the option for the user to save the spreadsheet, once they completed the data entry. I am not referring to exporting the data from the web to a desktop excel application, but being able to save the true data right away and via my website database. Is there any scripts, hacks, and/or plug-ins that would be able to do this? I need something that would tell and/or communicate with the main site to save the data that has been changed, input, and/or modified.

    I do not have the experience like others regarding coding or hacks, but can definitely learn. I need this urgently and currently at a stand-still for any further development of my site. I would appreciate any help pertaining to this matter. Thanks!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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