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  • Every tutorial or discussion I read on post formats starts from the perspective of using the ‘New Post’ page and selecting the required post format from the adjacent meta box.

    My problem is a little different in that I need to modify the wootumblog dashboard_functions.php file to interface with the wpmu sitewide tags plugin (long story, the post formats do not get carried over – I’m not sure why, it could be the priority settings used for action hooks (although the action hooks used by each plugin are different), or perhaps the way (or sequence) in which the wootumblog plugin is saving the post), but essentially the post is saved correctly in the originating (user) blog, but loses the post format meta data when saved to the tags blog (i.e. the table where all network posts are aggregated).

    The wootumblog plugin uses a custom dashboard with its own wp_insert_post and set_post_format instructions, therefore completely bypassing the default WordPress functions and I would like try using a few different approaches for saving the post format information – after all, it saves the post title and all I need is one extra piece of information – namely its post format.


    1. When viewing a list of posts in WP admin, I see the post format listed against a post title (such as quote, image, video etc). Where is this post format name being deduced from? i.e. is it calculating this based on a lookup of the corresponding wp_term_relationships table?

    2. How is a specific post format tagged against a post? The codex is a little scarce on details and I can’t work out whether this is simply down to calling set_post_format, wp_set_object_terms or another command.

    Basically, there’s so little information on creating a custom ‘add post’ function that I’m having difficultly working out if there is an error in the wootumblog plugin, or whether the way in which it saves a post is incompatible with they way in which the sitewide tags plugin intercepts it.

    I would really appreciate being pointed in the right direction to understand the relationship between ‘post formats’ and ‘posts’ from the perspective of ‘saving a New Post’ and also how WordPress admin pages determine which post format it is displaying.


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