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  • Hello Friends.

    Please help me with a stupid issue I am having with editing my existing posts in wordpress.

    Everything was working fine and now when i try to edit a post it does nothing and redirects me to homepage.

    This is exactly the same as here

    But this one is resolved saying RESOLVED AFTER UPDATING TO 2.7.1 BUTTT I already have 2.7.1

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    my blog is at


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  • This seems happened when I installed ALL in one SEO Pack.

    I deactivated the plugin and it went fine for a moment but again same problem

    But I needed SEO Pack, Any solutions?


    I figured out finally whats happening but do not know the solution.

    Whenever I try entering anything thats betweeen HTML tagsn < and > it wont work.

    It would simply not save anything and take me to homepage.

    if i open HTML editor and write plain text there and hit save it saves and work just fine.

    but even if i try to add an image or make a word go bold by adding strong tag, it simply wont let me save the post.


    I have the same problem. Even if I create a new post and only give it a title it will not let me save it. For me this starting out of no where on a blog that has been running fine for over a year now. No updates or new plugins installed.

    Any help on this would be great!


    That’s exactly the problem I’m having today, right out of the blue. I’m so puzzled and need to enter my posts in the next 10 minutes. Where do we find the answer?

    Is it the editor that has gone fooey?

    Blessings & Thanks in advance,

    I there anyone on WordPress who knows a solution other then the last resort?? That is backup mysql and reinstall wordpress??

    I have come to notice now that anything I try and change in the admin section of wordpress when I try to save it I get pushed to the homepage. Anything post, pages, profile, users, themes, etc…..

    There has got to be something going on here.

    Please any help would be great!


    Same problem here, hope there will be someone who knows what is going on

    I posted a solution to a similar problem here. It may not be the same situation, and it may not help ypu, but just in case:

    Are wordpress guys sleeping???

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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