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  • Sup dudes and chicks? I wanted to bounce this off you all and see what’s out there.

    I was dropped into a project in progress where the client uses ordinary posts to add events that they’re putting on. They’re requested that they have the option to add new event venues to a sort of list that should they ever do another event there they can just select it from the list and have the details like name, location, etc. populate without them having to enter the data themselves. I think the request is a little ridiculous but my criticism isn’t exactly welcome.

    I’ve done some searching for plugins that do something like this and there are plenty of event planner plugins and it even looks like some of them contain the venue storage that I’m looking for but I’m hoping to have something that I can either plug in without having to overhaul their existing events management process and before I jump into the laborious process of writing a plugin of my own, which I don’t savor in the least, I want to get your advice.

    So lay it on me.

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