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    About 4 hours work down the drain and the last time that I add anything directly into WordPress. I thought I was doing the right thing by saving the draft – only to see that everthing since the previous draft save had just disappeared.

    Is there any way to recover the lost text?

    How did this happen anyway? Is it a bug?

    After the “problem save” (after several that were OK) the timestamp showed the time of the previous save. However, when I opened the draft in a different tab the timestamp for the “problem save” was correct but the content was still as per the previous save.

    I have searched for any report of a similar problem and could not find anything.

    I did find some messages reporting problems with autosave but my blog does not seem to autosave – is this function that is turned off by default?

    I am more familiar with which stores previous version so you can cycle back if you ever wanted to.

    Is this not a feature of blogs?

    Very fed-up and tired as it was something that was actually important that I was writing just for a change.

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  • To see your autosaves, go to your draft, click on screen options, check revisions, scroll down to see all of your autosaves and revisions. You can also restore them.

    Hi Munny1 🙂

    Thank you so much for for replying so quickly!

    The good news is that my most recent version was there but at first it wasn’t – I will explain.

    When I did what you said, the top of this list showed a revision with a timestamp that was (now about 6 hours ago) a few minutes after the timestamp of the previous save that seemed to have got “stuck”.

    When I looked at the contents it was a revision from around that time, so still missing all the more recent content.

    However, when I scrolled down again there were revisions with more more recent timestamps. There was still a 4 hour “gap” where there were no revisions so I was not sure if the more recent revisions would be any different.

    All the revisions up to the last one before the 4 hour gap only have one column of radio buttons on the left – the “Old” column.

    There are three revisions after the 4 hour gap and they all have radio buttons in both the “Old” and the “New” columns.

    The first two of these revision are recorded at exactly the same time and differ by one word only.

    The third revision, ie. the current revision, is about an hour later than the two identically-timed revisions (and an hour ago from now at the time stands). However, it omits all the text that was added over the four hour period and apart form two instances of   is identical to the text of the save that seemed to get stuck.

    So there seems to have been a problem for about 4 hours when there were no autosaves taking place.

    Then when I initiated a save, there were two saves at almost exactly the same time, which were successful bu appeared not to be.

    Then an hour after that there seems to have been an autosave of the “old” version, ie. from before the 4 hour gap.

    I don’t know if it helps anyone to know all that. I cannot make sense of it – I am just very grateful to you for explaining how I could recover all that work!

    Many thanks again – now for some sleep! 🙂

    Best wishes,

    Glad that it worked! Now you can zzz easy!

    I love you. Thank you. Not only did I learn something new, but I recovered what I lost. thank you thank you thank you

    I was starting to freak out when I added my final picture and it deleted my entire post! This was so helpful, thank you so much!

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