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  • For a project I have added a lot of categories, a few thousand. In the front end that doesn’t seem to be a problem, but clicking some categories in the back end is terribly slow. It seems as if each choice is processed at the spot, not after actually saving the post. When I click on the checkbox of a category I have to wait for a second or two/three to see the box being checked. When I want to check a dozen categories… that isn’t really going smoothly.

    I think this has to be altered in the core, but I’m no php programmer 😉

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  • esmi


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    A few thousand categories? What on earth for?

    To display different aspects of different countries all over the world.
    For instance, the main category ‘income’ or ‘profession’ > countries > regions. With all kinds of main categories and with all the ‘identical’ subcategories that will result in many many categories. I have no idea how to do it otherwise, because I need to use a visual way of choosing the final page with posts. I’m using maps for this.

    Edit: this way, each main category has 118 sub categories.

    Question: Could I accomplish this by not nesting the categories but keeping them all at the same level?

    For instance:

    Income > Country > France > Region 22 > Posts

    If these are now subcategories, could I achieve the same thing (populating lists so that I can make maps with links) if I would keep all the categories at the same level???

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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