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  • Hello Friends
    I have a problem in my website
    It sometimes returns to a previous time with old posts!
    Note that the date of WP in my theme in correct, but the posts are old, for example today it shows the posts of about a month ago!
    It may be from the cache, but I don’t know how to fix it
    Please help me that what the problem may be:the Host, my theme, or the transferring process?
    Note 1: sometimes from one IP it shows the site correctly, and from another IP wrong(old posts)
    Note 2: I sent a ticket to the web hosting service, But they said that the cache of all their servers are inactive!
    Note 3: this is my website:

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  • What browser are you using? This is likely a browser issue. Try opening it in a browser that you do not normally use.


    I don’t think if it’s because of the browser
    I have checked it from different browsers and computers and also different IP’s, but the problem still exists!

    Wow, that sounds odd. Are you using any caching plugins? Does your host do automatic caching?

    Actually there is no caching plugin
    just after the problem started, I installed one, but removed it because it has no effects!
    I also sent a ticket to the hosting service, and they said there is no caching on their servers

    i had to disable all the features of w3total cache plugin then disable and delete the plugin. skmply disabling it is not enough, you need to disable its settings first otherwide it wont be disabled just by disabling the plugin

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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