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  1. Timoluege
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I use categories on my blog http://sm4good.com/. When I select a category and post the blog post, everything works as expected. The post appears under the correct category.

    However, if I go back to the "edit" window - even if it has never been closed - all ticks have been removed and the post is now uncategorized. If I make a change to the post and publish it again, then it shows as uncategorized.

    I have observed that the categories get cleared as soon as I save a post - this is the case with both drafts (Save) and published articles (Publish/Update).

    I only noticed this behaviour today after upgrading to 3.9.

    In summary, here is what happens:

    - Categories are ticked manually
    - Post is saved/published (with correct categories on website)
    - Categories have been removed by system from post in "edit" view.
    - Categories can be ticked again manually

    The obvious workaround is to always tick the categories before saving/publishing but that is not really a solution. Has anyone else had the same problem?

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