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    Hello all,

    Hope that the collective wisdom of everyone might get me an answer.

    When I write a post, and click on “save”, on top of saving the file, I get a dialogue box asking me if I want to open post.php, or save it to the desktop!

    This is new behaviour. Everything was working smoothly, without a problem, then a few days ago this started happening.

    The host had to rebuild a kernel for some reason, but the guarantee me that no settings were changed.

    I’ve tried turning off plugins, one at a time to see if that was an issue, but no, it’s not making a wee bit of difference.

    Has anyone come across this? I couldn’t find trace of it on the forum or the codex (though admit I may have missed it).

    Thanks for any information you may bring.

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  • you’re not using ctrl+s to save are you?




    im not avoiding your threads, vavroom, you just come up with some that I have no clue on.

    krugern, no, I’m not using ctrl+s, I’m clicking on “Save”.

    To make things more interesting, I’ve now noticed that this happens only when I go from “draft” to “published” states when saving…

    whooami, perhaps that shows that I don’t ask questions that have already been answered because I use the search function? LOL

    Options -> Writing.

    What happens if you clear out the Update Services?

    Handy, same behaviour.

    In doing more investigations, it appears it may have been a forced update to PHP because of cPanel’s security updates that played with php sessions and other settings, without the host’s knowledge. At least, that’s the latest thinking. It appears that I’m back on deck, able to save posts properly. I’ll do some investigation and come back to update and “resolve” the post.


    Several hours later, still no problem, it must have been that cPanel update…

    Cheers and thanks for trying to figure it out with me.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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