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  • Someone asked this question before, but it was never really answers so I’m asking it again.

    Is it possible to save a chosen colour, once you have created it by entering the relevant HEX number in the dropdown box which offers a “Picker” after you’ve clicked the “Select text colour > More colors” button over a post? Yes, the new choice is saved momentarily as the default colour, but it is lost the moment you select any other colour (I use <span> commands quite frequently). So the next time you need the custom colour, you have to click through the dropdown options and re-enter the HEX code.

    If it isn’t currently possible to save a chosen colour, as described, is it possible to put in a request for a save routine to be added to the text colour tool, please?


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  • Read this article, it has a great explanation on TinyMCE, but in my case, i just added styles to my style.css (instead of editor-style.css). Hope that helps. 🙂

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