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  • This problem is brand new; it doesn’t make any sense.
    I’ve started writing a new post and when I click preview, it opens up as normal and the theme displays fine, but the content is empty (despite saving), the title doesn’t display and random comments from other posts appear underneath.
    I have disqus installed for the comments, but installed it a week ago and already made posts since then with no problems until today.
    Any ideas?

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    Have you tried:

    – deactivating all plugins to see if this resolves the problem? If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

    – switching to the default theme to rule out any theme-related problems?

    resetting the plugins folder by FTP or phpMyAdmin? Sometimes, an apparently inactive plugin can still cause problems.

    Thanks for the response. I tried your suggestions:
    deactivating all plugins didn’t make any difference. The preview wasn’t displaying. You can see what it looks like here (previews are public, so you should see what I see. The comments being displayed are random ones from other posts and the empty rectangle at the top is usually where the post goes, with the similar posts, facebook share etc. usually contained within it, as you’d see from any live post).
    I deleted all inactive plugins, so that can’t be it.
    I switched to a default theme and instead of simply not displaying anything as it does with my current one, it says “Not found” even though the post is definitely saved (although not published).
    Any other ideas? I’m worried that this will affect future published posts, as well as preventing me from previewing. I’d rather not publish anything as part of the testing process…
    Any further suggestions appreciated!! Have a look at that link and see if you see anything weird!



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    Is this problem specific to just this post? Did you paste content into the post from elsewhere? When I view the source, it looks like the post doesn’t have an id – which suggests that it’s not being saved to the database.

    <div id="post-0" class="hentry p1 author- tag- y1970 m01 d01 h01">

    Curious. I had added two posts and they were both doing as I said before. I deleted both and started over and now the preview is working fine! Whatever the error was it’s gone now. I’m guessing that there was a database error on my host and it had nothing to do with wordpress. Thanks for your help 🙂

    This issue has arisen again. I made several posts since the last time it happened and now I am having the same problem as before.
    This time I disabled all plugins and changed to the default theme and it was still happening. I checked my server and it seems to be working fine. But I can’t preview any posts! I’ve deleted the drafts and tried with new ones (like I did last time), but I am still stuck 🙁
    Any further help appreciated!! Was really hoping to make a post this morning…

    I went through your original 3 steps and disabled plugins through FTP just to be sure.

    Here is a test post. It should have the title “test” and the body “test”, with no comments, but all that is messed up. You will probably see the lack of an id like last time. Any suggestions greatly appreciated to get around this issue!!

    And now it’s working again!! This is so confusing – I didn’t do anything. Maybe it is just some random server issue :-s
    I suppose I’ll just have to wait it out when it happens again…

    This time it’s been longer than a 12 hour wait 🙁
    This test post shows that it’s not working. My blog is at a complete standstill until I can get around this 🙁
    I contacted my server host and they can only suggest that it’s a wordpress issue. Someone please help!!

    And now it’s working again (that last link shows the test post correctly). This is so frustrating. Just “wait an undetermined amount of time” is not a good solution for me when I want to make posts on particular days. Any thoughts at all?

    I’m having a problem as well, but not with preview. When I click on (that is when I am or was even able to get to the place where I could write a post!); I’d click on the publish button and get a blank page. Then when I’d go to my site by opening in another window…my post had been published??? All of these things have been happening this past week and like you and other posters who have disabled plug-ins and tried to figure it out….I can’t even do that, thinking it was my plug-ins that I’d upgraded! We got a “bug” out there that we aren’t aware of??

    Could you link to these other posts please? I couldn’t find them myself.
    That’s comforting to know that it’s a WP issue, at least we can find a collective solution to it! I can confirm that it has existed for both 2.8 and 2.9 since I’ve had it for about a month and I’ve recently upgraded.

    Could someone please suggest anything?? I emailed my server host and they can’t say anything other than it being a WordPress issue. I’m writing more posts and can’t do anything with them or check that they look ok until some random unpredictable time. It’s extremely frustrating to be stuck here for over a month!

    Still can only view posts at random unpredictable times. Nobody I’ve asked seems to have any idea why.

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