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  • Sometimes I edit a page or post and then decide to view the page without saving any changes. The only way I can view the page again is if I click on Preview, but this opens the page in a new window.
    Can WP restore the View Page link that used to be at the top black bar, please, so that we can view the page/post without having to click on Preview which opens a new window?
    This would allow users to view a page/post and then return to the same page, so that we can continue whatever we were doing without having to save the page again.
    Also, popping up the Save Page link at the bottom of the page after an edit is not very good either. Sometimes I miss the link, click inside the black rectangle and nothing happens. The Save Page link disappears and then I have to move the cursor up the top of the page to save again and then chase down to the bottom of the page to try to click on the View the page again. Why would anyone implement an idea like this? It’s wasting people’s time, difficult to use, and downright user-Unfriendly.
    Putting the View Page link at the black menu bar at the top again would solve this problem too.

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