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    Hi therovingheart,
    first, let’s try to clear your browser cache. Go to an HD Quiz page, then press CRTL+F5. This should force your browser to download any WP script files fresh. If this doesn’t fix the issue then I’ll need some more info.

    From the quiz settings page press F12. This will open up your browser console (make sure that “console” is selected when the new window opens). This will display any JavaScript errors on your site. Once this is open, try and save quiz settings and let me know what errors appear there. The issue is likely that there is a fatal error somewhere else on your site that is stopping new data from being saved.

    Another thing to try: A previous user who had a somewhat similar issue was able to fix their problem by reinstalling HD Quiz. They had a corrupt installation after an auto-update. You can try to deactivate and then delete HD Quiz (you will not lose any data), then reinstall again like normal. Once done, clear your browser cache again.

    Please let me know if you have any success

    Hi, I have the same problem since I runned the tool for data updater, the Save Quiz button doesn’t work anymore and my Quiz settings are gone. I still have my questions and answers…

    I tried to re install and clear all cache, problem still there.

    Plugin Author Harmonic Design


    Your issue is a different issue related to the data upgrade tool. Please create a new thread or shoot me an email directly from the homepage as I might need to ask you for information about your server setup that should not be made public.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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