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  • I find it odd that you can’t start editing a published page, save those edits and come back and finish it later.

    My guess is that since WP started off more of a blogging platform the emphasis was on writing and saving posts, then once they’re live that’s it, but since WP is being used more as a full CMS these days this seems like an important feature that got overlooked.

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  • Can you name me a CMS that allows you to do that? I’ve never seen it (and I use quite a few of them). Not even MediaWiki, which is the most edited crazypants one of the lot.

    I guess I can’t think of one that does it right now, but I still think it’s something that would be good for a powerful CMS to have. Save changes to a page for later? Sounds like a useful feature right? 🙂

    Here’s my situation. I run a university website with hundreds of pages. I have multiple editors and they often need to prepare edits to multiple pages at once and launch them at the same time. They resort to saving each page’s text in a Word file, making edits over a few days and then pasting it over the text when it’s ready to go live.

    It would be good, but it’s hard to accomplish and still allow for people’s revisions to not run roughshod over each other.

    Yeah, I imagined something similar to the notices like “There is an autosave of this post”, only “There is a saved draft of this page”.

    Sounds like a SVN solution such as ProjectLocker may be a good route to go; I’m a bit new to it but our company uses it to manage projects with multiple users/revisions. Just a thought.

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