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  • Hello,
    We have thousands of images with a caption in our pages. We need to extract/save those captions as the image description (or even better Exif data) in bulk so that we can organise all those images by that Exif/description data (with tags etc) (frontend and backend) (yeah, better late then never 🙂 ).
    (In turn we can show the description then as a caption and the result would look the same, but then we can tag & structure everything)

    [caption id="attachment_15350" align="alignnone" width="445"]<a href="IMAGEURL"><img class="wp-image-15350 size-medium" src="IMAGEURL" alt="" width="445" height="340" /></a>Abraham Patrasstraat De Carpentierstraat - Haags Gemeentearchief[/caption]
    As far as I know the caption data in the text editor is not stored together with the Image attachment in any way? It’s just a piece of text in the page?

    So… is saving that caption text possible and if so, how?

    Or should I do it on databaselevel? (something like; Export database –> create a list of images with it’s captions –> split columns –> update the database with a list of images with descriptions?). Or is an SQL statement easier/possible?

    any help is highly appreciated,
    kind regards,
    Harold Vogelaar

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