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  1. eharris
    Posted 7 years ago #

    My wife runs a WordPress blog that I administer for her, and we've noticed that WordPress behaves differently for her in a particular instance - I'm not seeing anything in the configuration that is profile specific to account for this, but I'm obviously missing something.

    She's working on a draft, and entering some text in the HTML editor. When she hits "Save," the draft saves and automatically loads a preview of the draft. When I hit save on the SAME draft, it saves and reloads the edit window. This is profile-specific, not computer-specific (i.e. I can log onto my account from her computer and it behaves as it does on mine).

    I've looked through the user profile, and I've looked through the menus for possible other culprits, but I'm not seeing anything. Where do I change this behavior for a given user's profile (my wife wants it to behave as it does for me, saving and staying on the edit window)?

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