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  • Hi There

    I am a new user of your plugin and I did not find the documentation of the latest version 2.2. I am using latest version of WordPress 5.4.1 and Woocommerce 4.2. I have 2 questions :

    In my case I don’t understand how to update correctly the stock value and to keep it after moving from one variable product to another. Each time I am losing the value that I changed. I don’t get neither the save button that was in your row product picture. I am surely missing something here to get it work.

    I have to say that sometimes, it will be great to have a special field to add or decrease stock value. This is helpful when you manage lot of small number of products without doing the math youself and before saving as you don’t remember if you did it or not.

    Also it will be great to get the product note private field updated as it is normally done when there is stock changes in the product admin page. This could help a lot to track any stock changes. Where can we activate this option?

    Thanks for your support


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    Hi Jose,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    You should see the ‘Save’ button appearing from the bottom as soon as you simply click outside the table. If it’s not appearing on your site, then if possible could you please try to reproduce the same issue by having only the WooCommerce Stock Manager and WooCommerce plugins active on your site to rule out any possible plugin conflict issue.

    If still the issue persists, then request you to kindly create a video screengrab of the same and upload it on any file sharing site and get back to me with a link of the same, so that I can investigate the same in a better way.

    With regards to your suggestions for having a separate field to manage the stock and also to update the product private note on any updates from the plugin, have taken note of the same and will surely think of adding the same in the future versions.

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