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  • Whenever I am on the write screen, the save and publish buttons keep flashing, and I can only click on them when they light up.

    I think this is happening because wordpress is saving a draft almost every second, although I could be wrong.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? It is slowing down my whole browser and making it very difficult to post.

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  • I just noticed with the 2.5.1 upgrade. It’s really a problem.

    Same problem here. Just upgraded to 2.5.1 now the draft gets saved every seconed once I start to type…

    And before it even becomes a question… Yes, I’ve cleared the browsercache.

    Pls. guys / gals, you have to realize that I’m really happy with WordPress and all, but pls. don’t roll out upgrades with bugs as serious and obvious like this one.

    In hope for a quick fix,

    PS. I’m using FireFox 3b5 @ Windows XP SP2

    Maybe that helps figure to out what’s wrong.

    I’m having the same issue… I’m also using Firefox v2.0, and I noticed that as I attempted to switch between tabs while writing a post, it took FOREVER.



    I am having the same issue and this is serious !
    It’s slowing my computer down drastically and eating my server bandwidth.

    Please have a fix ready by this weekend !

    Okay…reverting to 2.5 and wont upgrade until at least 2.5.5 is out. This is just hilarious. You guys could at least have replied to this with a simple “noticed, we’re on it…”.

    Instead…nothing.. :/

    I hope they just release 2.5.2 this weekend.

    Seeing that publishing content is at the heart of any blog platform, this problem (which I also experienced after upgrading to 2.5.1, is a major setback. I am reverting to 2.5 and, like others, won’t upgrade until a bullet-proof update has been released and user-approved.

    I had the same problem. I deleted all the files and uploaded WP again. I still have the problem with the buttons flashing but they are not doing it every second now. It still takes longer than usual for the post page to load and refresh after publishing. I have two WP instillations on my server and the same problem with both. Went back to 2.5 on one and problem went away. Hoping for a fix to come out soon.

    Same problem: flashing buttons and browser is getting very slow + cpu-heat is increasing!

    Latest version of Firefox on Ubuntu. I’ve had no problems with 2.5.

    I got this problem after the update

    I don’t know if this is connected to each other, but the image upload button now results in a beautifully darkened browserscreen which stays that way indefenitely. In 2.5 it worked ok (with the flash uploader disabled).

    @resgalen: I don’t use this Plugin, so it’s probably not related. 🙂



    I am actually surprised there is no word from the developers yet !

    Is there a desktop solution you guys recommend while this problem is being resolved ? (I wish wordpress rolled out it’s own. That would be very neat)
    (I have two PC’s running Ubuntu and Windowx XP)

    I had to resort to using MarsEdit, a Mac program to remotely post… If I didn’t have that, I’d be dead in the water.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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