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    I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to “Save and Edit Next Post” (or “Save and Edit Previous Post,” for that matter) in the post editing interface. I need to go through a whole ton of old posts (I mean like thousands, though obviously I’ll have to do them in small chunks) and manually add categories. Because I have been unable to get Enhanced Post List to work with my version of WordPress (1.5.2), the only way I can do this is to browse the posts by month, click “Edit,” select the proper category, click “Save,” and go back to the browse list and click “Edit” on a new post. Tabbed browsing in Safari or Firefox can make this process a little faster, but it’s still, obviously, extremely inefficient. What I need is an alternative to “Save and Continue Editing” which would automatically save the post and then proceed to the next (or previous) post. But I’ve searched all around in plugins and have found nothing. Is there a way to do this? Is there a plugin that I’m missing? Is there some built-in functionality that I don’t know about? It seems like I can’t be the first person who has ever wished for something like this.

    Incidentally, if what I’m describing isn’t possible, even a simple “Next post,” “Previous post” functionality in the post-editing interface, WITHOUT the “save and…” aspect, would make my life somewhat easier. Then I could “Save & Continue Editing” and then click “Next Post.” It would be two steps rather than one, but two is better than three or four…

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  • Er, correction, it’s the Batch Categories plugin that I can’t get to work properly on WP 1.52. It works insofar as the Batch Add/Remove feature, but the individual post-by-post category add function does nothing.

    Enhanced Post List doesn’t work, either, but that’s not relevant to this question. 🙂

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